Mark joined Nicor in 2018. He brings five years’ experience in commercial real estate, specializing in retail, and ten years in sales. Mark has revitalized Nicor’s Realty division through his social media skills and knowledge of the Regina market. Mark loves music and is a skilled drummer, lending his talents to various local bands. In his spare time, he likes to travel and go to Starbucks


doug keith broker/REALTOR

Doug has been with Nicor since the beginning.  He has served as Construction Manager, Project Manager, Asbestos Abatement lead and Realtor.  Doug got his Real Estate License in 1990 and became the Broker of Nicor Realty in 2016.   Doug has expertise in complex condo sales but also handles commercial and residential properties.  Away from Nicor, Doug has owned and managed eight rental units with his wife Sharon for the past 32 years.


Christie keith realtor

Christie joined Nicor in February of 2017 working at the reception desk.  She quickly made the transition to Community Manager, taking on a full portfolio within six months.   Christie is a fast learner. In September of 2017, she became a fully licensed Realtor.


dan torrie realtor

Dan began his career at Nicor Group in 2012, as a project manager.  Within two years he was promoted to Chief Operating Officer, before being named CEO in 2016.  Before coming to Nicor, Dan worked with the Ranch Ehrlo Society for six years, where he gained invaluable experience dealing with complex situations and thinking on his feet.  Dan thrives in the development field, specializing in finding creative real estate solutions. He is married to Lindsay, his high school sweetheart. They have three children.