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Staff Directory


Nicor Group

Ross Keith

Dan Torrie
Chief Executive Officer
306-525-1381 Ext:117

Arthur Bonneau
Chief Financial Officer
306-525-1381 Ext:190

Morgan Campbell
Marketing and Communications Coordinator
306-525-1381 Ext:101

Nicor Construction LTD

Derek Tomilin
Design Manager
306-525-1381 Ext: 113

Ron Knaus
Construction Manager
306-525-1381 Ext: 116

Luke Churko
Construction Lead

Doug Keith
Project Manager
306-525-1381 Ext: 124


Nicor Developments

Mike Brown
Development Manager

Jennie Lea-Wilson
306-525-1381 Ext:104

Nicor Realty

Dan Torrie
General Manager/REALTOR
306-525-1381 Ext: 117

Doug Keith

Mark Ennis
Real Estate, Sales & Development

Sravani Vanama
Corporate Accountant
306-525-1381 Ext. 107

Sharon Keith
Accounting Assistant/Administrative Assistant
306-525-1381 Ext. 112

Nicor Community Management

Hailey Beaudry
Community Manager
306-525-1381 Ext: 110

Tanisha Beaudry
Systems & Admin.
306-525-1381 Ext: 119

Alex de Gooijer
Lawn & Snow Manager

Jaclyn de Gooijer
Rentals Manager
306-525-1381 Ext: 201

Jay Freestone
Site Manager

Sarah Grismer
Community Manager
306-525-1381 Ext: 120

Praveen Jacob
Property Accountant
306-525-1381 Ext:118

Timothy Landgraf
Property Accountant
306-525-1381 Ext. 107

Sharon Keith
306-525-1381 Ext:100

Jered Kirkland
Commercial Manager
306-525-1381 Ext: 122

Terry Lewis
Accountant Assistant

Jay Oleynick
Community Manager
306-525-1381 Ext:103

Arley Peters
Site Manager

Steve Pinel
General Manager
306-525-1381 Ext:105

 Linda Sebastian
InfoTracker Administrator
306-525-1381 Ext:108

Gerry Munguia Vargas
Site Manager

Lindsay Torrie
 Human Resources Manager
306-525-1381 Ext:123