We are nicor group

We are independent and our client base is diverse. We are not dependent on any one client, supplier, government or investor. Since we are independent every client is a top priority and does not take second place to any other interest.

If we are creative, disciplined and determined we can make our company a place of community that has purpose, order and meaning. What kind of a community is this? It is a community where words like integrity, intention, commitment, vision and excellence are not just words, but are action steps in producing a worthwhile result.

Why not take our work seriously? If we do, what result can we expect? We are craftspeople doing our work well. We craft our products and services carefully. Everyone is a part of this. We continuously improve our services and take pride in what we have created. We do this not just because we need to work for our livelihood, but because there is tremendous satisfaction to be had from doing our work well and knowing we are doing it well. This focus on craftsmanship produces not just individual satisfaction but something else which is very special. In a world where many things are not working well we are creating something which is unique- a small business that works!

Nicor Group Company Values, displayed by Board Member Courtney Keith, COO Lindsay Torrie, and CEO Dan Torrie. (2017)

Nicor Group Company Values, displayed by Board Member Courtney Keith, COO Lindsay Torrie, and CEO Dan Torrie. (2017)

What does this look like?

• Our customers sense that our business is a special place, created by special people, doing what they do in the best possible way.

• Our employees are part of a team which is proud of its accomplishments, values the contributions made by every member of the team, and work in a nourishing environment which flows from shared accomplishments and mutual respect.

• Our shareholders and employees have the income security, and the job security, that flows automatically from the ability to do worthwhile work well.

So the choice is ours and the challenge is ours. It is exciting to have the opportunity to be able to shape our immediate world exactly as we want it. We can create a world of purpose, order, and meaning or we can let the world push us wherever it dictates. The choice is obvious and the path is clear. We have chosen the path which leads to worthwhile contribution, satisfaction and fun!