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Our Business

NICOR Community Management Inc. manages a large portfolio of Condominium Corporations in Regina.

NICOR Realty Ltd. manages and markets properties owned by our investors.

NICOR Construction Ltd. provides construction and construction management services mainly for adaptive reuse projects.

NICOR Developments Inc. identifies and analyzes Saskatchewan real estate investment opportunities, raises capital for real estate investment projects, and develops and manages these projects for its own account and for its investor clients.

Our Mission:

To create and manage successful communities

Our Expertise

We have extensive experience in:
~ The use of Condominium Property Act to subdivide land/and or buildings
~ Adaptive reuse of obsolete buildings
~ Syndicating real estate investments
~ Community (Property) Management
~ Land Development

Our Vision:

To create a strong business, which is seen as successful not just by us, but by our customers, employees, shareholders, and the communities in which we operate.

Our Values:

We are independent.
~ Our client base is diverse. We are not dependent on any one client, supplier, government, or investor.
~ We can chart our own course and react quickly to opportunities and obstacles.

We are honest and trustworthy.
~ We do things right! We act with integrity and operate with sound business ethics.
~ We treat our clients fairly and with respect.

We respect our staff and are committed to them.
~ We do everything we can to put each staff member into a situation where he or she can succeed.
~ We care about our staff and we hire for the long term.
~ We treat each other with respect at all times, and capitalize on the opportunities created by differences in talents and in opinions.

We are collaborative.
~ We work in teams and respect the input of each member of the team.
~ We gather information from all levels of our organization because good decisions are made in the presence of as much information as possible, especially the information received from those who are dealing directly with the customers.

We are client oriented.
~ When we make a commitment, we deliver.
~ Our systems monitor the delivery of our service and make sure that our clients are getting what we promised. Our systems are living processes; when we make a mistake we change our system to make sure we learn from that mistake and don't let it happen again. When we come up with a good idea, the new idea gets incorporated into our systems so that our service is constantly improving.
~ We maintain strong relationships with suppliers by treating them fairly, paying them promptly, and by establishing processes which enable us to consume their services effectively. These relationships
enable us to ensure that our clients obtain reliable and cost effective services.

Our work makes the cities and towns we live in better.
~ Our work is important to the municipalities we work in.
~ Our projects are major contributors to the well being of the municipalities we work in.
~ Syndicating real estate investments